Custom Character Illustration

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Here's the deal folks, I like drawing, I like animals. Ergo, I will draw you an animal.

But seriously, have you thought of adding a cute mascot for your brand? A distinctive asset to be remembered by while adding some personality to your company? Maybe you just want to turn your dog into a cartoon. Let me help you.

Some examples of my work:

Ways to use your new custom character:

  • Podcast Art
  • Print on swag
  • Use as stickers
  • Your very own "Clippy"
  • Memes on social media
  • Just to show your friends

It's a simple process:

  1. You tell me a bit about your brand and the character you'd like
  2. I'll draw up some ideas for you
  3. We'll land on a final design
  4. I'll finish the design and deliver you your new friend

Who am I?

I'm Jessie, and I really like to draw stuff. I've been doing doodles on my iPad for years but have just plucked up the courage to sell my work. Currently I'm dishing up the world's freshest customer service at the fine fast food establishment started by some fella named Ronald (if you want a discount hmu). The plan is to fund my transition away from my Golden Arch overlords and just draw cool shit for a living. That would be nice.

Here's what some people have to say about my work:

"Yeah, that's pretty good sis" - James McKinven, Founder of PodPanda (also my brother)

"Thanks so much for this, it looks amazing! Can I pay you more?" Michael Christofides, Co-founder of pgMustard

I want this!

1x custom illustrated brand character


Custom Character Illustration

0 ratings
I want this!